Sioux Falls, SD


340,000 square-foot Distribution Center, Offices, Manufacturing Facility that was built in the industrial area. We framed up a total of 110 doorways to meet the requirements of the industrial loading doors and vehicle sizes. The office areas at one end of the building needed walls as high as 36 feet and our focus was on squaring all of them up for a good finish. We also used plywood at the bottom and drywall at the top, and added blocking and backing for cabinetry, casework, shelving, toilet room fixtures, and toilet room partitions.

Seeing the interconnected office spaces with multiple doorways, we decided to frame up sections of the interior walls at one go beforehand and then stood them up to attach it to the floor track. This made our work more efficient in building out the office spaces for other trades to come in and get work done. This space had over two dozen doors, including an entrance we framed up to fit a revolving door. In addition to the larger sections of the distribution area and office spaces, we also worked on building out a check-in center and standalone bathrooms within the distribution area. Outside of the main building, we framed up large doorways at the vehicle maintenance garage and built out a couple of office spaces and smaller rooms to house equipment.


Some challenges were the 36 foot tall partitions, pre-fabricated office wall framing, and the stand-alone bathroom in distribution area.



Sioux Falls, SD

Scope of Contract:

Interior Metal Framing, Gypsum Board, Sound Insulation, Taping, Plywood Wall Protection and Rough Carpentry


Precept, LLC Architects & Planners

General Contractor:

RJ Ryan