Flandreau Santee Care Center

South Flamdreau, SD


55,000 square-foot living center with three adjoining wings. Each wing includes 14 individual rooms, a spa unit, family room, private kitchen and dining room and many other amenities. One third of the rooms are dedicated to patients in need of memory care. The facility accepts both tribal and non-tribal patients for short and long-term care.


The facility boasts several complex architectural features, including tall circular ceiling formations, skylights, and bay windows. Our team anticipated the challenges that would come with manufacturing and constructing these features, and worked proactively by meeting each week to set strategic goals and address potential problems. Incorporating this step increased project efficiency and aided in superb communication between project manager, superintendent, and on-site foremen.

The project broke Ground on November 4th, 2020 and took over two years to complete. Ultimately, even with the challenges of getting materials and COVID restrictions, tribal leaders say that the project came in under budget and ahead of schedule.



Flandreau, SD

Scope of Contract:

Exterior Framing, Roof & Truss Framing, Sheathing, Interior Framing, Drywall and Finishing


DSGW Architects

General Contractor:

Henry Carlson